Tyzack Partners is an equal opportunities Executive Search firm who celebrates diversity and recognises the commercial and cultural benefits of an inclusive workforce. We are committed to ensuring our clients success by providing them with an outstanding field of choice for every appointment. Championing more equal, diverse and inclusive working environments, we endorse people from all parts of society to feel proud to be leading the evolution of the business world. We therefore make our shortlists as diverse as possible without compromising on quality.

Tyzack is not driven by quotas or tokenism. We will not promote candidates purely on the basis that they fulfil a diversity criteria. However, we are constantly engaging with new ways of identifying emerging talent, sourcing diverse candidate pools and finding ways in which we can effectively engage with new audiences from the broadest of demographic backgrounds.

Our driving force is to provide our clients with exceptional leadership who can produce consistent outperformance. One of our driving forces for success is ensuring that the people who work within the company reflect the client’s customers, both current and potential.  Tyzack has always been at the forefront of innovation in the Executive Search business and our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, constantly exceeding our clients’ expectation remains as strong as ever.